Pedro Gardete

PhD 11
Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Business
Stanford University

“The Haas faculty are knowledgeable enough that they can make the complex appear simple. Yet, as you keep peeling back the layers, you find more complexity and more to think about.”

Research, according to Gardete, can be very non-linear. “Weeks can go by without progress, then one day you have the answer. In this situation, having supportive professors and classmates is very important. I have that here at Haas. We are competitive with ourselves, but not with each other.”

Gardete chose marketing as his focus because it brings together the “rigor of economic theory and the softer elements of psychology and human behavior.” One of his research topics reflects that combination: why people intentionally buy products with too many features — like elaborate cell phones — they don’t need or won’t use. “Taking effects like these into consideration are steps toward understanding consumers better and allow firms to refine their offerings.”