Robert Seamans

PhD 09
Assistant Professor
Stern School of Business
New York

“My wife and I chose UC Berkeley because of its phenomenal reputation and excellent faculty in our areas of study. In my case, there were two other factors: the fit between my research interests and the research done by the Haas faculty, and the strong bond amongst PhD students.”

“From the second year on, we take turns presenting our research for about two hours once a semester and then get feedback from the other students and the professor in charge. It’s a bit intimidating, but incredibly valuable to hear from more advanced students who struggled with their own ideas early in the research process or who are now in the job market finding out what topics interest people at other schools and what methods they are starting to use.”

“After I’d been accepted to Haas, one of the graduating students told me that the student seminars had prepared him for his job talks — and he must have had some success, since he now teaches at Harvard. If you take a look at a list of the top 25 business schools in the country, someone from Haas is on the faculty at every one.”