Stefano Corradin

PhD 08
European Central Bank

Stefano Corradin is intrigued by “how the presence of a mortgage contract and the associated probability of default can affect and constrain a household’s consumption and portfolio choices,” and says, “the combination of house and mortgage can impose a sort of rigidity that makes risk extremely costly for many households.”

Corradin chose the Haas program in Finance and Real Estate because it draws together quantitative methods and advanced economics. “The Haas faculty are reputed for advanced research that fuses innovative thinking with rigorous quantitative analysis.”

Corradin also had the opportunity to take courses in other disciplines. This, he says, polished his skills in writing and reading economic papers. Seminar classes where students read and critique each others’ research were also helpful. “We pushed each other to write precisely and clearly.”

Choosing Haas also meant choosing the Bay Area, a place where Corradin saw “great job opportunities in finance” and where his wife, Cristina, found a good position as a financial advisor. The couple also appreciated the “diverse, multicultural, and open-minded environment” of the area, along with the range of activities. Says Corradin, “I could go running in the hills in the morning, study in the afternoon, and enjoy a concert on campus in the evening. It was wonderful.”

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