Tatiana Fedyk

PhD 07
Assistant Professor, School of Accountancy
Carey School of Business
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona

“Being a PhD student at Haas, you enjoy the unique flavor of Berkeley and you belong to a superior academic world. Everything is possible here.”

“When I was choosing between Haas and some other top-ranked business schools, a friend who is a full-time professor at Columbia University told me, ‘You should go to Haas. Everyone knows Berkeley.’ And this is very true.”

“With the help of some key professors, I started to work on my research during my first year at Haas. Sunil Dutta is among the faculty members who are always ready with guidance and are open to discussion. In the summer of 2004, I presented a comparison of principles-based accounting standards with rules-based accounting standards at the Fourth Annual Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference at the London Business School. It was an incredible opportunity and, even more importantly, a great stimulus for future research.”

“What I found to be the most impressive at Haas is the mutual collaboration among accounting PhD students. We had a great team. When I gave birth to my third daughter during my first year in the program, the support and encouragement from my PhD fellows was crucial. I have plans to work on joint papers with my colleagues, and hope that we will stay friends forever.”