The Real Estate Program provides a popular set of courses in the Undergraduate Program. Students learn to apply analytical tools from finance and economics to a large and dynamic market as well as test their skills through applied field work in student initiated class projects. The program was recently ranked #3 in the country by US News & World Report for undergraduate real estate.

Undergraduates with an interest in real estate can also take advantage of the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP), which is designed to involve Berkeley undergraduates more deeply in the research life of the University. The Program provides opportunities to work with faculty on the cutting edge research projects, performing varied research tasks, including data collection, library search, and econometric statistical analysis.

The real estate industry also offers excellent summer internships to undergraduate students and employment opportunities after graduation in such diverse fields as real estate investment banking, consulting, insurance financial services, real estate investment trusts (REITs), major brokerage firms, and real estate e-commerce startups. Students can further develop their skills through participation in the Undergraduate Real Estate Club (UREC).

Summer Career Chats

In April 2020, in response to Covid’s impact on in-person networking and interviewing, the Fisher Center and the Accelerating Careers in Real Estate program at Haas offered a series of twice-weekly career discussions for real-estate-focused graduate students at Berkeley. Based on the value of this series, this same team, along with Prof. Nancy Wallace, hosted a 3-part program for undergraduates to further educate and inform them about trends in the real estate industry and specific firms and roles.

The events showcased the difference between debt and equity financing on real estate transactions; innovative, affordable housing developments in the Bay Area; and the effects of coronavirus on two important segments of real estate—hotels and healthcare.  Panelists were all generous Berkeley alums who have meaningful and impactful careers in the industry.

We hope you find these recordings informative and inspiring.

PGIM Realty featuring Elizabeth Velazquez and Catherine Minor

Innovative Housing Development featuring Allie Stein and Mark Trainer

Healthcare & Housing featuring Xinyi McKinny and Claire Collery

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