During the academic year, Real Estate Research Seminars are held every Wednesday from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., in Cheit Hall, Room 325.

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Faculty Coordinator: Professor Nick Tsivanidis

To be added to the email list for the seminar, please contact Tom Chappelear at tomchaps@berkeley.edu.

Fall 2021

September 15 Juan Carlos Serrato (Duke) Regulating Conglomerates: Evidence from an Energy Conservation Program in China
September 22 Jessie Handbury (Penn) School Food Policy Affects Everyone: Retail Responses to the National School Lunch Program
October 6 Sam Asher (Johns Hopkins) Title TBA
October 13 Daniel Sturm (LSE) Title TBA
October 20 Klaus Desmet (SMU) Title TBA
November 10 David Atkin (MIT) Title TBA
November 17 Leah Boustan (Princeton) Title TBA
December 1 John Dingel (Chicago Booth) Title TBA
December 8 Nate Baum-Snow (Toronto) Title TBA

Spring 2021

February 17 Allison Shertzer (University of Pittsburgh) Racial Segregation in Housing Markets and the Erosion of Black Wealth
February 24 Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato (Duke) Taxing Property in Developing Countries: Theory and Evidence from Mexico
March 31 Adam Osman (Illinois) The Distributional Consequences of Trade: Evidence from the Repeal of the Corn Laws
April 7 Stephan Heblich (Toronto) The Distributional Consequences of Trade: Evidence from the Repeal of the Corn Laws
Monday, April 12, 4-5:30 p.m. Diana van Patten (Yale) Multinationals, Monopsony, and Local Development: Evidence from the United Fruit Company
April 14 Enrico Moretti (UC Berkeley) Where is Standard of Living the Highest? Local Prices and the Geography of Consumption” (with R. Diamond)
Tuesday, April 20 (joint with Trade) Fabian Eckhert (UCSD) Title TBA
April 28 Charlie Nathanson (Kellogg) Title TBA
May 12 Zhaogang Song (Johns Hopkins) Title TBA

Fall 2020

October 7 Katherine Wagner (Stanford) Adaptation and Adverse Selection in Markets for Natural Disaster Insurance
October 14 Shan Ge (NYU Stern) Conflicting Interests and the Effect of Fiduciary Duty — Evidence from Variable Annuities
October 28 Adrien Bilal The Geography of Unemployment
November 4 Aradhya Sood Land Market Frictions in Developing Countries: Evidence from Manufacturing Firms in India
November 11 Taha Choukhmane Default Options and Retirement Savings Dynamics
November 18 Emil Verner Credit Allocation and Macroeconomic Fluctuations
December 2 Yiming Ma The Passthrough of Treasury Supply to Bank Deposit Funding
December 9 Michael Peters European Immigrants and the United States’ Rise to the Technological Frontier

For more information about the Research Seminars, please contact Tom Chappelear, faculty assistant, at (510) 643-6109 or email him at tomchaps@berkeley.edu.

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