We are planning for the option to host/attend in-person recruiting activities beginning January 2022 if we feel that we can safely host events in person in compliance with both the UC Berkeley visitor policy and health and safety guidelines laid out by the City of Berkeley and the Center for Disease Control.  We will continue to inform employers on what that looks like as updates become available.

When submitting 12Twenty event and interview requests for the 2021-2022 recruiting season, please plan for virtual in fall and in-person in spring, with the option to remain virtual if that is your company’s preference.

The CMG team recognizes the complexities that come with virtual recruitment. Our team is here to work with you to maximize the engagement of our students through virtual platforms. Please contact your relationships manager if you have questions or would like assistance with your recruitment strategies. The following is an overview of what this change means for Haas-facilitated activities and provides resources for you to further understand how to move forward successfully recruiting at Haas.

Virtual Recruiting FAQs

Do we still need to submit requests for events (presentations and chats) into 12Twenty if they are virtual and we, as the company, are hosting them? 

Yes, please! We ask that you continue to coordinate through the CMG so we can help you promote and communicate the event to students, as well as avoid conflicts with class schedules and other employer events. We are happy to brainstorm and discuss best practices with you, and welcome hearing about your virtual experience this last year.

What dates and times are available for presentations and chats? 

Our Recruiting Calendar includes suggested event timing based on when your interviews are being held (whether OCI or not) and our Engage Students page lists out the time frames reserved for recruiting events. The same time frames apply to both fall and spring semesters, and will be available to choose from when you request your events in 12Twenty.

We understand that some companies will choose to host “multi-school” virtual events that may not fall into our suggested time frames. We are here to find a solution with you – please talk with your relationship manager to explain your needs.

Our company doesn’t feel comfortable hosting the technology for our presentation – can CMG virtually host on our behalf? 

Yes, CMG can host your presentation using our Zoom account [subject to availability]. Please coordinate with your relationship manager before submitting your event request to ensure CMG is available on your desired date/time.

  • For company chats, we require that you utilize your company’s own video conference technology.

How are On-Campus Interviews (OCI) executed, if virtual? 

For fall 2021, CMG will continue to support employers by confirming OCI date requests, promoting opportunities to students, monitoring the application and selection process, and finalizing interview schedules through 12Twenty. In 2020, most companies preferred to virtually host the interviews on their own platforms, but CMG is available to host your interviews via Zoom. [subject to availability – please coordinate with your relationship manager]

Can we host our own in-person events off-campus? 

While it may be tempting to do an in-person event with social-distancing or to have a one-on-one coffee chat with a local representative, we know from student feedback there will inevitably be those who are not able to or comfortable to attend for a variety of reasons. The expectation is that all companies honor our request to do virtual recruiting engagement activities in fall 2021.

Will CMG-hosted networking events be virtual as well? 

All of our annual multi-company networking events that are typically hosted in-person will be completely virtual in fall 2021. These events include:

  • Haas Consulting Days: October 18-19, 2021
  • Investment Banking Speed Networking Night: October 18, 2021
  • URM Networking Night: Date TBD

How will club engagements be handled? 

If your company is planning club engagement events this year like treks, teach-in’s or interview preparation; that activity should be planned as virtual whether your offices have opened or not. We cannot guarantee in person activity because of space constraints due to social distancing rules and limitations on visitors to Haas’ campus. We acknowledge that employer events organized by professional clubs and other student organizations are an important part of the recruiting experience, and we don’t want that to change in this all-virtual environment. Moving to virtual could create more engagement opportunities as it opens up the opportunity for more people at different levels of the organization to participate. We recommend working directly with student club leaders to organize such events, and contacting your relationship manager if you need introductions made.


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