The Sustainable Food Initiative serves as a hub for sustainable food entrepreneurship, innovation, and responsible leadership at Berkeley Haas and better connects the business school with the sustainable food efforts across the UC Berkeley campus. We educate the next generation of business leaders to tackle the global food challenge. We believe a sustainable food system is critical to our future and that the next generation is crucial to realizing this goal.

The initiative connects students, faculty, and innovators to have a positive and measurable impact on the food system through business.

For more information, please contact Emily Pelissier or faculty advisor William Rosenzweig.

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Annie Kimberley

MBA 18

“While at Haas, I have had my eyes opened through classes, classmates, speakers, and projects to new ideas for how we can grow, transport, and sell food to revolutionize the existing food system. From talking shop over a cooking get-together to researching cutting edge companies in a peer advising session, I learn something new from my classmates every day on how we can all play a part in this change.”

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