Charles_F_Michaels_pictureBy Deborah Fleischer, CRB Communications Consultant.

Six years ago, Charlie Michaels (Haas BS ’78) and his wife Doris, along with  two other Haas alumni and their wives, provided critical leadership and seed funding to launch the Haas Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Fund, the first and largest student-led SRI fund at a leading business school. When there was pressure to broaden the Fund to include traditional investments, Charlie stood firm on the idea that it should be focused on social responsibility.

After getting his MBA from Columbia (although his heart belongs to Cal), Charlie launched a successful career in international finance at Goldman Sachs, where he was a founding member of Goldman’s European equities business.  In 1996, he co-founded Sierra Global Management, where he serves as President.  Today Charlie is an Advisory Committee member for the Fund and is excited about its potential to support future leaders in sustainable finance.  He has generously offered to match all donations to the Fund.  Donate today HERE.

Watch this short video of Charlie sharing why he is excited about the Fund.

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