Founding of the CRB

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The founding of the Center for Responsible Business 15 years ago was a combined effort of student passion, faculty dedication, and professional support and guidance. Explore the presentation below to learn about the key stakeholders and efforts that brought the CRB to life.

Presentation: Founding of the CRB



Thank you to those who made the founding of the CRB possible. The following list is just a sample of the many individuals who have brought Berkeley Haas to the forefront of responsible business leadership:

  • Kathy Andrews
  • Barbara Horst Broque
  • Lynelle Cameron
  • Tom Campbell
  • William “Bill” Campbell
  • Robert Chatwani
  • Earl F. Cheit
  • Debra Dunn
  • John Foraker
  • Robert D. “Bob” Haas
  • Priya Haji
  • Mike Homer
  • Al and Marguerite Johnson
  • Larry and Victoria Johnson
  • David Kepler
  • Michael Kobori
  • Rich Lyons
  • Jo Mackness
  • Kellie McElhaney
  • Charlie and Doris Michaels
  • Paul and Nell Newman
  • Dara O’Rourke
  • Rudolph Peterson
  • Scott Pinkus
  • Walter Robb
  • Christine Rosen
  • William Rosenzweig
  • Jay Stowsky
  • Laura D. Tyson
  • John C. Whitehead
  • Catherine Wolfram

…and so many others!


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