Written by Ella Boyce, Marketing Manager, Berkeley Haas Center for Responsible Business

The Center for Responsible Business is proud to introduce Cindy Liu as our 2020-2022 Fellow. The inception of the CRB Fellowship in 2011 is a symbol of our commitment to advancing graduates who will redefine conventional business practices and strive for impressive social impact. Cindy’s dynamic education and professional experience present her as a changemaker and an embodiment of Haas’ Defining Leadership Principles.  

Cindy enters Haas from a role as Management Consultant with Accenture. Prior to her consulting career, she earned dual degrees in Supply Chain Management and Information Systems from the University of Maryland, College Park. She notes that while her background isn’t that of the traditional sustainability professional’s resume, her breadth of experience has afforded her a nuanced perspective on the intersection of social impact and industry. She is eager to further explore the sustainability space for she believes it imperative to embed sustainable practices into the fabric of every company. 

Why Cindy Chose Haas and the CRB

The collective passion for hard work and social impact is what drew Cindy to Haas. “At Haas, I saw a group of people working hard at work worth doing. I was also drawn to the student-led culture, strong sense of community, strength of network in sustainability/impact-investing, and proximity to Bay Area startups. Most importantly, I was blown away by the people I met and talked to throughout the application process who went above and beyond in helping me navigate everything.”

Cindy was attracted to the CRB as she saw the opportunity to make a tangible difference on pressing sustainability challenges as part of her education. “As an incoming MBA student interested in redefining business for a sustainable future, I wanted to immerse myself in real-life sustainability issues. I was intrigued by the various events hosted by the CRB, including the Peterson Speaker Series and the Patagonia Case Competition that would allow me to explore the intersection of business, the environment, and social issues in a hands-on way.” 

Looking to the Future

Cindy is keen to reach deeper into the Haas Community and make many positive ripples. Her MBA Career, she expands, presents her with the opportunity to hone her leadership skills and evolve into the strategic, empathic, and adaptable leader she strives to be. With the fervent desire to improve the world at large, she is inspired to acquaint herself with Haas peers who are on the fringe of the sustainable business sector and integrate them into the CRB. While serving on the CRB’s Student Advisory Board (SAB) she is dedicated to making sustainability more approachable. As the climate crisis intensifies, the more people that have vested knowledge of sustainable business, the increased probability there is in reversing humanity’s fate.  

Cindy is inspired to set tangible goals for herself throughout her MBA Career. For her, the career she will pursue will be one filled with passion and positive impact. 

About the Fellowship

The CRB Fellowship is one of the ways the Center encourages the development of business leaders who will redefine business for a sustainable future and address the great challenges of our time. Started in 2011, the CRB Fellows are part of a growing network of graduates leading the movement to integrate sustainability into their work and the practices of the firms that employ them. The CRB Fellowship is graciously funded by retired Goldman Sachs Partner and CRB Senior Advisory Board Member Scott Pinkus. Upon earning the fellowship, this thought-leader serves as a liaison between the Center for Responsible Business and the Haas student body and receives automatic placement on the CRB Student Advisory Board to help calibrate and accelerate the agenda for the CRB. Additional benefits include close access and mentorship from our Senior Advisory Board, CRB Staff and Faculty, and donor Scott Pinkus.

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