Wishing you good business in 2010!

This year, we promise, the Center for Responsible Business will jettison itself (albeit almost a decade behind schedule) into the 21st century and join the world wide web 2.0.

Better late than never.

We’ve been talking in the classroom about how companies can use social media for good and it’s time for us to do our part in the academic world.

So check us out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Justmeans… (if I was better at this, I’d put those little icon things at the bottom of the page).

Ironically, I’ve owned a “blogger” t-shirt for well over 5 years. My brother, an early Googler, gave it to me when the company bought Pyra Lab’s Blogger.com back in 2003.

Now hopefully I can live up to my t-shirt’s name.

More to come.

—Jo Mackness

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