The CRB solicits consulting project proposals for both the undergraduate and MBA offerings of the course on a continual basis. Consulting project proposals received prior to August 1st can be considered for inclusion in the undergraduate offering during the following Fall semester and proposals received prior to December 1st can be considered for inclusion in the MBA offering during the following Spring semester.

What does your company provide?

  • Relevant challenge/opportunity faced by your company. Project focuses on an issue your company faces with sustainability or CSR implications to maximize potential for student learning and results for your company.
  • Project liaison. A project liaison from the company with knowledge and a degree of ownership of the challenge/opportunity is identified. The project liaison engages with the CRB in advance of the semester to scope the project.During the semester the project liaison provides, on average, up to 1 hour/week to engage with the student group. This often includes some correspondence and review of the student group’s work in progress.The student group and consulting project liaison commonly establish a 30 minute on a weekly or bi-weekly basis during which time the student group provides an update on the status and solicits further feedback.
  • Access to information. A company contact will provide access to the resources and data necessary to complete the project. Project liaison connects student group with other relevant stakeholders in the company as deemed necessary.

What does your company get?

  • A dedicated team of student leaders. Working in teams of 3-5, students enrolled in this course are accustomed to developing innovative solutions to ambiguous challenges and will harness new ideas to create sustainable value for your firm. Students generate a final presentation and report delivered to your company.
  • Diverse perspectives. The course draws a diverse enrollment, often resulting in teams that combine perspectives from Berkeley-Haas with views from other professional graduate schools or undergraduate majors at UC Berkeley.
  • Expert support. A faculty member, leveraging Berkeley-Haas’s extensive resources and expertise, mentors each consulting team. Practitioner experts (often comprised of Berkeley-Haas alumni) may also coach teams.
  • Access. Student teams work closely with clients and are often asked to present at company headquarters. Your select group of students also includes potential hires. Projects also represent a great stepping stone for further engagement with the Center for Responsible Business.
  • Excellence. Ranked #1 globally for CSR & Ethics by The Financial Times, students at Berkeley-Haas are passionate about taking on challenges that matter to their clients and to the world and have a track record of producing outstanding deliverables.

Should your company propose an undergraduate or an MBA consulting project?

Many company partners are engaged in both the undergraduate and MBA versions of this course. The CRB and the course instructors can work with you to determine most appropriate fit.

If my company proposes a project, is it automatically selected?

Please note that the number of project proposals often exceeds the number of student groups in the class. Student teams bid on projects and we cannot guarantee that your project will be staffed.

How do I submit a project?

To submit a project fill in the form under “Submit a Project” or download the form and email to Emily Pelissier