Issues of sustainability require all businesses around the world to question the status quo and to innovate.

When you study at Berkeley Haas, you build a foundation in sustainability and corporate responsibility. Inside the classroom and out, we offer dynamic learning opportunities to undertake real-life consulting projects, manage socially responsible funds, and engage with world-class instructors. MBA students can reference the CRB’s sustainability skills course recommendations from across campus as an area of emphasis.


SPRING 2021 MBA 292C-1 Strategic and Sustainable Business Solutions Saretsky, Marissa, Lee, Mark and Stormer, Susanne
SPRING 2021 UGBA 192T-1 Sustainable Capitalism in the Nordics Strand, Robert
SPRING 2021 UGBA 192T-2

MBA 292T-9

Edible Education 101 Rosenzweig, William

MBA 292T-3

Managing Human Rights in Business McElrath, Roger G. and Natour, Faris

MBA 247-11

EWMBA 247-11

Business and Sustainable Supply Chains Romero-Hernandez, Omar
SPRING 2021 MBA 292T *New* Climate Change and Business Strategy Isaacs, Andrew

MBA 292T

*New* Plant Futures Rosenzweig, William, Madsen, Kristine, and San Martin, Ricardo

FALL 2021

 UGBA 192P Sustainable Business Consulting Projects Krackeler, Debbie and Low, Glen
FALL 2021 UGBA 192T Business & Labor Rights in Global Supply Chains Banerjee Saxena, Sanchita
FALL 2021 UGBA 192T-3 Managing Human Rights in Business McElrath, Roger
FALL 2021 MBA 292N-3 Food Innovation Studio Rosenzweig, William B.
FALL 2021 MBA 292T.14 *New* Carbon Footprint Analysis for Innovation Jones, Christopher M.
FALL 2021 EWMBA 292T.11 *New* Corporate Sustainability Measuring and Reporting Stormer, Susanne
FALL 2021 MBA 292T-11

EWMBA 292T-11

Business & Natural Resources – Sustainable Use of Ecosystems Romero-Hernandez, Omar

Companies can participate by submitting a consulting project for our courses.

Certificate Programs

The CRB partners with cross-disciplinary partners at UC Berkeley to support to following certification programs:


Certificate in Food Systems

Offered by the Berkeley Food Institute

Certificate / Minor in Sustainability

Offered by the College of Natural Resources

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