We are pleased to announce the inaugural Student Advisory Board for the Sustainable & Impact Finance initiative.

As student leaders from across Haas, our board members are a critical part of our initiative, driving forward our innovation and going beyond themselves to promote impact investing and sustainable finance in our community. We accept applications for the Board in September each year. To be notified, please join our newsletter.

Arpan Soparkar

Evening & Weekend MBA 2021

Over the past 12 months, I have excitedly observed the conception and birth of SAIF. On my career pivot from software development to impact finance, I have been very fortunate to be guided by amazing members of the faculty. As an inaugural SAIF Student Advisory Board member, I look forward to bringing together all stakeholders – on the campus and beyond – to help integrate purpose with profits.

Lena Horvath

Full-time MBA 2022

I am excited to be on the SAIF Student Advisory Board because I’ll get to help plan events and programming to meet the growing interest among the Haas community in sustainable and impact finance. Whether Haas students are interested in a career in impact investing or simply want to incorporate an impact oriented philosophy into a traditional role, SAIF will have resources to help them accomplish their goals.

Priscilla Luu

Full-time MBA 2021

Through SAIF I have been able to further my goal of exploring the intersection of finance and social impact. As Haas works to expand the field of sustainable and impact finance,  I am thrilled to play a role in that by helping shape the development and future of SAIF.

Sabin Ray

Full-time MBA 2022

I’m excited to help my classmates consider how to use impact investing to create systemic environmental and socio-economic change. I’m particularly interested in ensuring SAIF supports students with less familiarity in finance (especially women and other underrepresented groups) develop the confidence to enter this field and make an impact locally and globally.

Sarah Rich

Full-time MBA 2021

I’m excited to join the inaugural SAIF Student Advisory Board because impact finance has been central to my Haas journey. I want to dispel the notion that sustainable and impact investing are niche areas and broaden awareness of how these concepts are shaping the future of financial services. All corporate sustainability and social responsibility leaders need to understand impact finance, and I want to ensure that Haasies working in those domains are equipped with the fluency to lead!

Stu Fram

Full-time MBA 2022

One of the primary reasons I chose to enroll at Haas was because of the many curricular and extracurricular opportunities at the intersection of finance and social impact. As a member of the SAIF student advisory board, I’m excited to build on that momentum and create even more opportunities for students to plug into the world of impact investing and sustainable finance.

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