Alicia Martinez: Human Resource Generalist 3 with Haas Staff Human Resources. Alicia went above and beyond to continuously assist two new team members of the Haas HR team as they started their new roles. Alicia contributed to her team’s success by routinely staying after meetings to answer questions, help guide processes, and provide resources. Her insight and experience has been crucial for developing new workflows and documents for her department. Alicia has gone out of her way to make sure her new team members were invited to meetings, included in correspondence, and added to shared departmental documents.

Amy Ho: Senior Learning Experience Designer with Haas Digital. Amy has excelled at navigating busy course production loads. She has expertly handled course corrections and adjusted design schedules to work around faculty illnesses and missed deadlines. She put in extra hours to edit time-sensitive scripts and storyboards in order to get three modules done in one week, nearly six times faster than the usual turnaround time. Amy’s creative scheduling, collaboration, and hard work helped her department keep the timeline goal for course production for the Flex program.

Fiona Taft: Senior Associate Director, Career Services with MFE Careers. Fiona has played a crucial role in helping MFE students achieve solid career outcomes in a very challenging labor market. She has taken on the management of core employer relationships and gone above and beyond to help students. Her efforts led to 80% of the MFE graduating students being placed by the end of April 2023.

Harrison Ahne: Senior Financial Analyst with Haas Finance. Harrison exemplifies Confidence Without Attitude. Harrison began working at Haas during a time when many budget managers within C&I were new to Berkeley and/or their roles. In addition to learning about chartstrings, fund designations, financial systems, and Haas internal forecast and budget process/tools, Harrison was teaching and walking his new clients through the same material only days (and even moments) after he grasped the information. Harrison quickly learned of their needs and enhanced forecast tools to easily and more clearly itemize program costs within IBSI, which will make tracking program budget versus actuals clear and manageable..

Jaanvi Chandra: Student Experience Coordinator with EMBA.  Jaanvi significantly enhanced the student experience by spearheading the partnership with the first newly created student-registered organization for EMBA. She also proactively reached out to schedule monthly meetings with the EMBA Student Organization to ensure they had access to develop their website and event links. Additionally, Jaanvi made a critical contribution to the launch of the Inclusive Leadership Program for 41 EMBA students.

Lisa Long: Director, Leadership Gifts with DAR. Lisa Long recognized that the Frontline Fundraising team was struggling with sharing resources and knowing where to find the latest materials that they needed to be successful in their work. She took the initiative to gather together a committee to look at how the team shared information, stored materials and updated the latest proposals. The committee then turned into a working group focused on organizing a shared resource drive that all team members could use to find materials critical to major gift fundraising. The result is the team now has the information they need right at their fingertips and can access shared resources, which has already led to increased giving to the school.

Mark Westover: Faculty Support Manager with the Faculty Support Unit. Mark has been recognized by several faculty members for his improvements to several difficult and unclear work processes in his capacity as a manager. With thoughtfulness and consideration, he has Questioned the Status Quo until he achieved successful improvements in work processes and increased the efficiencies for his department.

Molly Rose: Business Data Analyst with the Career Management Group. Molly exemplified collaboration by helping a new team member settle in and feel welcomed and valued on the team. Molly went beyond herself to assist her new team member in learning a new system used to track and analyze employer and student data regarding employer events, interviews, job postings and student employment. She patiently and generously worked to help her officemate create reports and formulas and present the information cohesively for their department.

Natasha Payes: News and Communication Manager with News and Periodicals. As Natasha has stepped into her new executive communications role, she has contributed to Haas by taking on extra communications work for Dean Ann Harrison while the new director of executive communications role is being filled. Natasha has dedicated her time scouring background materials to come up with original and diverse talking points for Dean Harrison’s remarks at multiple functions, including the WIL Conference, DAR’s Haas Forum, and MFE graduation, which have been well-received by audiences.

Richy Strobel: Senior AV Engineer with Haas Digital. Richy expertly navigated a classroom technology emergency that brought a highly used classroom offline, affected equipment in multiple other classrooms, and could have resulted in missed class time for hundreds of students in Chou Hall. He worked with the classroom support team to provide an innovative workaround that allowed the initial classes to continue and still be recorded, quickly training student consultants to keep the room running. To minimize the impact on other students, Richy collaborated with other departments to move classes into other available rooms while the repairs took place. Haas Digital’s 95% classroom uptime goal was achieved thanks to Richy’s quick thinking, collaboration, and constant communication with those affected by the outage.

Samuel Liu: Student Assistant with Haas Staff Human Resources. During a time of transition when his department was significantly understaffed, Samuel undertook an enormous amount of additional work to help keep the department afloat. Samuel had not worked in the HR field previously, yet he managed to learn and efficiently execute portions of hiring, recruitment, and separations with quite a bit of autonomy. Samuel routinely collaborates with hiring managers, Haas administration, and BRS to carry out requests that are complicated in nature. He does so meticulously and in a way that often catches errors or missing information before it gets processed.

Sarah Danziger: Events Manager with the Career Management Group. Sarah went beyond herself to welcome and mentor a newly hired project manager. She helped them navigate the internal room and A/V reservation systems, taught creative ways to host an event, and mentored them throughout their first big events. In addition, Sarah worked outside of her role to help the project manager craft a layout for a testimonial for the Employer Newsletter. She created a template for the copy and went through many iterations of copy changes, patiently, graciously and enthusiastically.

Tracy Machle: Employer Relations Project Manager with MBA Career Management Group. Tracy uses an innovative approach to increase student attendance at the company events. Despite strong signups, there had been a high no-show rate early in the year. Tracy improved her department’s reputation greatly by increasing engagement with company presentations and coffee chats. Tracy has gone above and beyond to personally encourage students to attend, to confirm their participation, to welcome companies so they feel great about coming to campus, and to manage the expectations of employers. In addition to regular reminders, she personally emails or Slacks students to ensure that they attend.

Sharon Guo: Learning Experience Designer with Haas Digital. Since launching the Flex program, Sharon has been an exceptional collaborator, always going above and beyond to ensure that the team meets its goals and that both students and faculty are satisfied with their courses. In addition to her dedication to students and faculty, Sharon consistently exemplifies going beyond herself to ensure the Flex program’s success with her willingness to take on additional projects so that collaborators can complete their tasks without delay. Her attention to detail and work ethic have helped deliver a high volume of high-quality courses under tight deadlines.

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