Amanda Gill: Associate Director in the EWMBA Program.  Amanda went beyond herself by taking on the role of supervising two student assistants after a vacancy arose in the EW team. Amanda has worked to create a sense of belonging by developing a strong relationship with student assistants, ensuring they understand how each task is critical for the program’s success. She also innovated departmental processes, utilizing Asana to make doing routine tasks easier.

David Moren: Associate Director, Development and Leadership Gifts DAR.  David went beyond himself by helping to connect a candidate to a job opportunity available at DAR. He was instrumental in encouraging the candidate to consider applying and answered questions about the role, the team, and life at Haas and Berkeley. David displayed inclusion and belonging by encouraging a candidate who brings unique qualities and skills. David helped his team to leverage the benefits of a diverse workforce and include and welcome new members.

Diane Nguyen: Senior Associate Director Admissions & Marketing, MFE.  Diane displayed her innovation by taking the lead in migrating to SDMS as the primary portal for student services activities. This migration will cut down on the number of different systems which need to be used and will lead to a number of new efficiencies for the department.

Vicki Orlando: Assistant Director EWMBA Program Office.  When Flex was launched, Vicki collaborated with Haas Digital and the vendor supporting the Virtual Classroom to create a plan for collecting student address information and getting products shipped to individual students between orientation and the first class session. She innovated a new Slate feature for her department, which automates verifying address information, decreasing a heavy workload on the front end and supporting goal accomplishment. Vicki’s efforts also support inclusion and belonging by ensuring every student has the equipment needed for success.

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