How do decisions get made at Haas? While the Dean has the right to make a final decision in many cases, it’s not always practical. Instead, we’ve chosen to push decision rights as far into the organization as possible.

We want to be as transparent as possible about who needs to be consulted on which types of decisions, and who gets to make. By providing transparency, we hope that:

  1. Decisions don’t feel like they come out of the blue
  2. Everyone feels like they are asked for input on decisions that matter to them
  3. Decisions don’t get held up while waiting for someone higher up to weigh in
  4. Everyone understands that while they may provide input, the decision-maker has the final say
  5. Haas leaders can make quality decisions that can be trusted


Decision Making by Topic

  • Academics: Changes to degree programs and course offerings, course staffing, course formats (i.e. digital ed), and changes to high-impact activities by centers and institutes
  • Financial and Business Planning: The annual budget process, mid-year budget changes, and the school-wide strategic business planning process
  • Hiring, Promotions, and Staffing Changes: Filling vacancies, adding new positions, reclassifications, eliminating positions, etc.
  • Space Allocation: Changes to staff and faculty workspaces (i.e. expansions, moves, private offices), as well as classroom and event spaces
  • Committee Roles and Responsibilities: Responsibilities, by-laws, and participants in leadership, staff, and faculty committees
  • Policies on Center and Institutes: Policies for academic, administrative, and financial governance of the existing centers and institutes and establishment of new centers and institutes.

We will add more topics here as we continue this work. Please send any feedback or suggestions about decision rights to Dean’s Analyst Susie Jordan.