We are tracking well to meet our reputational and financial goals detailed in our school’s 2016-2021 Strategic Business Plan (a.k.a OGST). Our plan continues to evolve.

The Management Team and Strategic Leadership Team spent fall 2018 reviewing the OGST (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Tactics) in detail to ensure it captures our top priorities and positions us well to meet our goals. Changes include:

  • Refined our reputational strength goals
  • Reframed some of our strategies
  • Fine-tuned our tactics and added some new ones.

As a result, our strategic plan is stronger and more focused. See Update to OGST – Evolved for 2018 blog for details. With Dean Harrison’s leadership, we will be updating our plan during 2019 to reflect evolving priorities.


In Spring 2015, Berkeley Haas adopted our new Strategic Business Plan, a five-year roadmap to further our school’s mission. Designed to transform strategies into actions, the plan is based on an underlying financial model that will ensure our school stays operationally strong and competitive. It builds on our deep assets: people, place, and culture.

Background and context on why and how the plan was developed

Please send questions, feedback, comments, ideas, thoughts, etc. to Courtney Chandler, Chief Strategy & Operating Officer/Senior Assistant Dean.