Chou Hall is a closed-loop system that focuses on reduce, reuse, redesign, re-earth, and recycle. As the greenest academic building in the nation—and the first certified zero waste academic building in the world—Chou Hall is the first drop in an ecosystem-wide ripple, that will become a wave, and eventually a tide of change.

Our path to TRUE Zero Waste

In 2017, Haas unveiled its newest building, Connie & Kevin Chou Hall, which was designed to achieve both LEED and WELL certifications. Both certifications are part of the U.S. Green Building Council portfolio.

In 2018—after years of collaborative infrastructural work—Chou Hall became the first academic building in the world to receive the TRUE Zero Waste certification.

Today, Chou Hall serves as a model for environmental sustainability at UC Berkeley and represents a critical step toward the University of California’s Zero Waste by 2020 and beyond and Carbon Neutrality by 2025 goals.

To learn more about the zero waste efforts at Chou Hall and Haas, you can view our comprehensive Chou Hall Zero Waste Initiative Report.

Chou Hall Zero Waste Initiative