The Haas School of Business hosts many events focused on sustainability topics.  We also prioritize sustainability practices when hosting our own events.

Supporting Zero Waste Events at Haas

  • Event caterers and event planners must adhere to Zero Waste Guidelines and Events Checklist when hosting an event in Chou Hall’s Spieker Forum, Wells Fargo Room in Cheit Hall, or any of the classrooms or open space in Chou or Cheit Hall
    • Event planners and caterers must pack out any landfill items
    • We recommend using a Preferred Zero Waste Caterer.  See the list here
  • No plastic single use water bottles allowed – We have large water containers available for you to use.  They are located on the first floor of Chou Hall and the Wells Fargo Room kitchen
  • Reusable blue linens are also available. They are located on the first floor of Chou Hall
  • Reusable Balloon columns are available.  Please email the DAR offices.Reusable Balloons
  • Ask your participants to bring their reusable coffee mugs and water bottles

Purchasing compostable dining ware for events:

  • Vegware has offered a 20% discount to all Haas staff and students when purchasing their compostable dining ware.  Please email Danner Doud-Martin for details at

FTMBA Student Clubs:  Please contact the FTMBA Program office to learn about compostable dining ware available to you for student events.