Haas is challenging the status quo of what’s possible in a business school curriculum. Haas is continually evolving its core curriculum to respond to the pressing need for business leaders who can address environmental challenges and the social and economic impacts of climate change. All Haas students will graduate with a foundational awareness of the environmental threats and opportunities facing the planet, and the role businesses can play in leading the change toward a more sustainable future.

For students who are interested in a deeper knowledge of sustainability, Haas offers a rich array of elective courses and certificate programs that delve into the most sought-after skills and disciplines in the field of sustainability. Courses are built on input from sustainability leaders driving innovation and feature the latest insights from cutting-edge faculty research.

Haas also boasts several sustainability-related areas of emphasis, in which Haas demonstrates exemplary expertise and thought-leadership. These areas of emphasis, which include Corporate Social Responsibility, Energy and Clean Technology, Social Sector Leadership, Sustainable and Impact Investing, Entrepreneurship (Energy and Environmental Innovation) and Equity Fluent Leadership, provide exposure to fields or industries of particular interest and connect students with electives, faculty, and extracurricular activities to further explore their passion.