Haas launched the Michaels Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business to empower new leaders to create the economic and social transition to a climate resilient, low-carbon, and equitable future.

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To address the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges requires innovation in management practices, in business models and supply chains, and in new products and technologies. The Michaels Certificate in Sustainable Business will equip aspiring leaders to evaluate operational and strategic decisions using a sustainability lens.

Why get a Michaels Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business?

  • Weave Sustainability into Any Career Path: Explore the underlying complexities and inherent challenges of building sustainable growth within our current economic systems. You will build the frameworks and practical skills needed to develop and implement more sustainable business models, management practices, investment theses and technologies. Tracks and domain-focused classes will allow you to go deeper on specific topics of interest.
  • Signal Commitment to Sustainability to Prospective Employers: Indicate your knowledge and interest in profitably advancing sustainability to prospective employers by listing the certificate on your resume and LinkedIn. Upon successful completion of your degree, the Michaels Certificate in Sustainable Business will also appear on your transcript.
  • Join a Community of Change-Makers: You will join a global community of change-makers and alumni who are passionate about leading purpose-driven careers with impact. Through collaboration within the classroom and beyond, you will gain exposure to new perspectives and worldviews, key to unlocking our sustainable transition.

How do I complete the Certificate?

The Michaels Graduate Certificate Student Guide contains information on Eligibility, Certificate Tracks and Curricular Requirements for current Haas MBA students.

Certificate Guide

Three Thematic Tracks

The Certificate tracks are blocks of curriculum designed to enable students to specialize in sustainability domains most relevant to their desired career paths

Corporate Sustainability

Understand the foundations of private and public climate change solutions and explore applications of sustainability and CSR

Sustainable Finance

Understand theory and principles behind sustainable portfolio investment and construction and gain practical experience using SRI and ESG strategies

Impact Venture Capital

Understand how venture capital and impact investing can incentivize social and environmental change

Frequently Asked Questions

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