The HSTF is a group of faculty, staff, and students who are passionate about sustainability and want to make an impact in our community. Please contact us with questions, ideas or to join us in our efforts.

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Task Force Members

Clark Kellogg, Faculty Champion

Lecturer in Creativity, Design, and Innovation

Pritam Das, VP of Sustainability, EMBA

Executive MBA Candidate '22

Christina Cairns, VP of Sustainability, EMBA

Executive MBA Candidate '22

Kimberly Lam

Kimberly Lam, VP of Sustainability of the EWMBA

Evening & Weekend MBA Candidate '22

Victoria Stafford

Victoria Stafford, VP of Sustainability for the HBSA

Haas Business School Association, B.S. Business Administration & Society and Environment '21

Alex Trombetta

Alex Trombetta, VP of Sustainability, FTMBA

Full Time MBA Candidate '22

eric edelstein

Eric Edelstein, VP of Sustainability, FTMBA

Full Time MBA Candidate '22

Danner Doud-Martin, Staff Lead for HSTF

Associate Director, Haas School of Business, IBD and HSTF

Linda Yach, HSTF Member

Associate Director, CMG

Emeric Kennard, HSTF Member

EMBA, Experiential Learning Project Coordinator

Seren Pendleton-Knoll, HSTF Member

Associate Director, The Center for Responsible Business

Emily Pelissier, HSTF Member

Program Manager at The Center for Responsible Business

Jessica Heiges

Jessica Heiges, HSTF Member

PhD Student in Waste Management, UC Berkeley

Lisa Robinson

Lisa Robinson, HSTF Member

Director, Career and Student Services at University of California, Berkeley

Dennis Fritzinger, HSTF Member

Haas Mail Room

Gerardo Campos, HSTF Member

Facilities Manager - Faculty and Student Services Buildings

Mili Nakamura, HSTF Member and student worker

University of California Berkeley, '23

Gabe Lewis

Gabe Lewis, VP alumni, EMBA Program

'21 MBA

Sanej Bandgar, Alumni VP, of EMBA Program

'21 EMBA

Welcome to Haas from the HSTF

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