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CalNet Account

Beginning March 2019, all Haas networks, and Haas-owned computer systems switched over to the UC Berkeley’s Central Authentication System (CAS), and this means that Haas network logins now require CalNet authentication. This authentication process involves your CalNet ID, passphrase, and 2-Step Verification.  Follow the links below to manage your CalNet account.

CalNet 2-Step

Campus adopted the 2-step verification process in 2018, and has since required all faculty and staff to have a secondary verification step to better protect their CalNet identities.

The primary verification step is your CalNet passphrase. Make sure that your passphrase is a strong one.

The secondary step is your submission of a verification click or code, which reconfirms your identity and protects your account in the event that someone has hacked your passphrase.

CalNet 2-Step begins right after you enter your passphrase. You will receive a prompt to verify your identity through a choice of the following means: (a.) clicking on a push notification, (b.) answering a call, or (c.) entering a passcode. Typically, Campus users choose to click on the push notification, which is easily received on smartphones, through the Duo Security app.

Non-Haas Graduate Students

This is for non-Haas graduate students who would like to apply for Haas MBA electives.

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