Research Computing Services

We support the following types of Research Computing Infrastructure Services at Haas:

    • Linux High-Performance Compute Cluster
    • Windows Server Terminal Services
    • Virtual Machines
    • Containerized Computing
    • Personal Workstations
    • Cloud Computing
    • Network & Cloud Storage + Backup


Research Data

We provide several research datasets for academic use.  These data are professionally curated.  Examples include:

    • Bureau van Dijk
    • Standard & Poors
    • Refinitiv
    • Compustat
    • Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP)
    • Audit Analytics
    • MSCI
    • Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB)
    • New Stock Exchange Trade & Quote (TAQ)

Access to datasets is usually provided via the Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) portal.  More information about research data is found in the Thomas J. Long Business Library web site.


Research Software

We provide all faculty and students with access to the following applications on either the Linux or Windows platforms. To request access to these applications, please submit a ticket to Help Desk.

Emacs Postgre_SQL SQL Server
Fast_X Python2 Stata
Linux Python3 Sublime
Matlab R Tex
MySQL SAS Windows



We offer JupyterHub access for faculty instruction. To request for access for either the current or upcoming semester, please complete and submit your request information in this form:

(available for Haas faculty only)


About Research Services

Our Goal

Provide the best performance and service quality at the lowest cost, developed through consulting engagements, evaluation, analysis and partnerships.

Research Computing provides high-touch, in-depth services that connect Faculty and Students to the best-available infrastructure technologies for their particular needs and use cases. This includes:

    • high-performance compute servers
    • economical storage and backup
    • analytics and visualization software
    • cloud, on-premise and hybrid computing services
    • IT architecture design for research data acquisition, transformation, and optimization; research analytics and visualization
    • research workflow improvments

These services may be provided at the Haas Data Center, at UCB Central Computing, at a national Supercomputing facility (e.g., SDSC or XSEDE), or in the Cloud by a commercial provider. Recharge fees may apply to cover the cost of compute, storage, or backup services.


Contact Help Desk

Have questions about the Research Computing, or ready to request for resources and services?  Email Haas Help Desk and copy Zane Cooper, Director of Research Computing (