About Research Services

Our Goal

Provide the best performance and service quality at the lowest cost, developed through consulting engagements, evaluation, analysis and partnerships.

Research Computing provides high-touch, in-depth services that connect Faculty and Students to the best-available infrastructure technologies for their particular needs and use cases. This includes:

  • high-performance compute servers
  • economical storage and backup
  • analytics and visualization software
  • cloud, on-premise and hybrid computing services
  • IT architecture design for research data acquisition, transformation, and optimization; research analytics and visualization
  • research workflow improvments

These services may be provided at the Haas Data Center, at UCB Central Computing, at a national Supercomputing facility (e.g., SDSC or XSEDE), or in the Cloud by a commercial provider. Recharge fees may apply to cover the cost of compute, storage, or backup services.

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