Special Topics Offered Fall 2024

UGBA 96.2: Demystifying Marketing with Judy Hopelain [pdf flyer]

UGBA 127: Corporate Financial Reporting with Tanya Paul [pdf flyer]

UGBA 137: Financial Statement Modeling with Jenny Herbert-Creek [pdf flyer]

UGBA 190D: Design Thinking with Mariana Somma [pdf flyer]

UGBA 190T.1: Design Your Life with Elizabeth Kovats [pdf flyer]

UGBA 190T.3: Equitable Design with Mathieu Aguesse [pdf flyer]

UGBA 190T.4: Teaming for Change with Chelsea Gregory and William Collins [pdf flyer]

UGBA 190T.5: Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurship with Todd Fitch [pdf flyer]

UGBA 190T.6: Strategy for the Networked Economy with Jon Metzler [pdf flyer]

UGBA 190T.7 – Creativity Lab with Mariana Somma [pdf flyer]

UGBA 192PF: Introduction to Plant Centric Food System with Brittany Sartor and William Rosenzweig[pdf flyer]

UGBA 192T.1: Business, Labor, and Global Supply Chains with Sanchita Saxena [pdf flyer]

UGBA 192T.2: Brands and Sustainability with Judy Hopelain [pdf flyer]

UGBA 192T.3: Business Models and Strategies for a Better World with David Rochlin [pdf flyer]

UGBA 192T.4: Plant Futures Challenge Lab with William Rosenzweig and Brittany Sartor [pdf flyer]

UGBA 192T.5: Responsible AI Innovation and Management with Genevieve Smith [pdf flyer]

UGBA 192T.6: Improving Our Food System Through Values-Based Supply Chains with William Rosenzweig [pdf flyer]

Special Topics Offered Spring 2024

UGBA 156: Berkeley Changemaker: Living with Agency with Laura Hassner [pdf flyer]

UGBA 157: Decision Making with Celia Gaertig [pdf flyer]

UGBA 160: Customer Insights (Consumer Behavior) with Bill Fanning [pdf flyer]

UGBA 167.1: Growth Marketing with Bill Fanning [pdf flyer]

UGBA 167.3: Social Influence and Word of Mouth with Rachel Gershon [pdf flyer]

UGBA 169: Pricing with Yuichiro Kamada

UGBA 171: Tech & The City with Molly Turner [pdf flyer]

UGBA 190T.1: From Imagination to Innovation with Lisa Wymore and Dave Rochlin [pdf flyer]

UGBA 191L: Empower your Leadership Journey with Mark Rittenberg, Ingrid Gavshon, & Susan Houlihan [pdf flyer]

UGBA 191P: Leadership and Personal Development with Cort Worthington [pdf flyer]

UGBA 192T.1: Sustainable Capitalism in the Nordics? – A Berkeley Changemaker Course with Robert Strand [pdf flyer]

UGBA 192T.3: Equity Fluent Leadership & Personal Brand with Kellie McElhaney [pdf flyer]

UGBA 192T.8: Responsible AI Innovation & Management with Genevieve Smith [pdf flyer]

UGBA 192T.22: Plant Futures Challenge Lab with Brittany Danielle Sartor [pdf flyer]

UGBA 195T.2: Founder Workshop – Building a Fundable Startup with Jonathan Heyne [pdf flyer]

UGBA 196.2: Coaching & the Art of Feedback with Susan Snyder [pdf flyer]