We encourage all students to participate in international study programs as a means of broadening their education and developing a global view of business. International study can be enlightening and fulfilling on many levels but it requires organization and self-motivation. We believe the benefits are well worth the effort.

Berkeley Haas offers students four types of global opportunities:

Global Management Program

The newest global opportunity started in 2018 is the Global Management Program. This is a selective, early admission program for a small cohort of high school seniors applying to UC Berkeley and the Haas School of Business. The program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and is designed to be completed in four years.

Study Abroad

Berkeley Haas permits study abroad, either through the Education Abroad Program (EAP) or Independent Program.

The two main Independent Study categories are:

  • Apply through another US college or university to study abroad
  • Apply directly to and study at an international school

Travel Study

The Travel Study program offers Haas undergraduate majors opportunities to combine academic curriculum with international engagement through travel. The academic portion takes place during the fall semester with the travel component in the winter prior to the spring semester start date. The Travel Study program is not offered every semester.

Global Management Concentration

The Haas Global Management Concentration is a rigorous program for UC Berkeley business majors who are truly dedicated to pursuing an internationally oriented education and career. This program enables Haas students to study abroad, improve language skills, and pursue a variety of international business and area studies courses. Note: The Haas Undergraduate program will be phasing out the Global Management Concentration. Haas students who are interested in completing the GMC will have up until Summer 2023 to submit the GMC worksheet to declare the concentration.

Study Abroad Before Admittance to Haas

If you plan to study abroad before your possible admission into Haas, please review the information on Course Selection for your appropriate program (EAP or Independent Study.) If you plan to study abroad the Spring semester before your start at Haas, you MUST complete all admission requirements prior to time abroad. Courses from abroad for the Spring semester will not post quickly enough to be considered for the admissions evaluation.

Major Declaration Requirement

It is important to remember that students are usually expected to have a major prior to studying abroad. Please check with your current college (L & S, for example) regarding this requirement. Many students plan to study abroad during their junior year, often the first semester at Haas. If this is your plan, we encourage you to prepare for a back-up major. This way, you may be able to participate in the international program even if you are not admitted to the Haas School.

To make an appointment regarding study abroad

Request study abroad course review quickly by submitting the form.

Schedule an appointment regarding study abroad with Dionne Daniels. You may reach her via email at [email protected].

Please use the appropriate form:

Haas Abroad UCEAP Workbook (.pdf)
Haas Abroad Independent Study Workbook (.pdf)
Global Management Concentration Workbook (.pdf)

External Resources

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