The mission of RISE is to increase the applicant pool of historically underrepresented minorities (URM) through programs that motivate and support students in pursuing the business major. RISE at HAAS is sponsored by the Haas Undergraduate Program Office.

RISE seeks to create a greater presence on the UC Berkeley campus by partnering with alumni and various student organizations. Connecting with these communities assists in promoting the diverse areas of business, while serving as a network to prospective Haas undergraduate students.

RISE provides participants with academic advising, peer mentorship and comprehensive resources that are conducive to the retention and growth of the RISE community at the Haas School of Business.

RISE also offers various informative workshops and events about the Haas undergraduate application process and the student experience.

RISE Mentorship Programs

“As a first generation college student and daughter of immigrants, I was fortunate to have mentors and allies guide my path and extend opportunities at every step of the way..” — Dr. Elida Bautista, Director of Inclusion and Diversity | Berkeley Haas “

RISE works with prospective and current Haas undergraduate students along with some of our MBA consortium students to provide peer to peer mentoring in two different groups (MBA to current Haas undergraduate | Current Haas undergraduate to prospective Haas undergraduate) Mentoring programs like these, empower students, provide guidance and align with the goals of RISE @ Haas in helping students navigate the and build community at the Haas School of Business.

To sign up to be a mentor/mentee please reach out to Alessandra at

RISE Events | Spring 2020

One-on-One Advising & Schedule Planning Appointments - Spring 2020

Haas Undergraduate Program Office | Monday, February 10 - Tuesday, February 11

Schedule a meeting to have your questions answered regarding the Haas application, schedule planning and academic advising.

Navigating Microaggressions in the Classroom - Brown Bag Lunch

CHOU HALL N340+N344 | MARCH 18, 1:00PM PST - 2:00PM PST

Join us for an honest conversation led by the Haas Director of Inclusion & Diversity,  Élida Bautista. We will be discussing microaggressions in the classroom and strategies to navigate tough situations. Please feel free to bring your lunch!

Our Students

“I was introduced to the RISE at the end of my freshman year when I decided to be an undergraduate at the Haas School of Business. RISE is filled with members and leaders that not only want the best for you, but actively pursue the best for you and expose you to opportunities beyond the typical accounting, banking, and consulting jobs. This program helped with my Haas application by dispelling myths, providing readers, and hosting workshops almost a month before the application was due. In addition, being in RISE has allowed me to connect with other members who I may not have ever met during my time in Haas. I have created long-lasting relationships beyond the classroom through outlets such as music, sports, and food. Lastly, this program reveals to minorities that anything is truly possible. A testament to that is when I along with some members of RISE helped create the first UC Berkeley’s first undergraduate black incubator!” – Austin Drake | Class of 2018

“RISE has been an amazing resource for my time at UC Berkeley from being a freshman going through the Haas pre requisites, to applying into Haas, and networking while i was a student in the Haas School of Business. Cal is a huge campus and Haas and the business world is even bigger, but RISE will make sure that we all feel anchored in the process of figuring your academic and career goals out. From the amazing organization’s leaders and your amazing peers, RISE will give you a home in Haas and people to lean on when you’re going through any obstacles at Cal.” – Jessica Ajoku | Class of 2018

“The RISE program has been a valued resource to me throughout my experience at UC Berkeley. Though I was determined to become a business major, the process was frightening. Coming from an underrepresented community, Berkeley presented me with an overwhelming variety of opportunity, experiences, and adversity. As an underclassman, I attended RISE’s workshops seeking resources and advice. The workshops focused on dispelling myths, discussing the application process, and introducing students to faculty resources. In regard to Haas, RISE provided me with enough guidance to move past much of my initial stress. Now, I have the opportunity to participate in the program as a student in the Haas School of Business and I continue to use the resources introduced to me as a freshman!” – Kayla Taylor | Class of 2015

Contact RISE

Are you interested in joining RISE?

Email Alessandra at to be added to our email list and receive updates about RISE events & resources.

Are you an alumni of the RISE program?

RISE recognizes that maintaining relationships with it’s alumni is essential to the sustainability of the program. As a result we are continuously working towards nurturing these interactions through our programs. If you are interested in becoming an active member of our community please email Alessandra at