As an international student from London, United Kingdom, I have been looking forward to reflecting on my experiences of studying at the Haas School of Business. A freshman, and almost three months in, I am becoming more acquainted with Berkeley and with Haas. I study Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and Business Administration, as a part of the Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology (M.E.T.) program. In comparing my first impressions of Berkeley to my current student life, I feel settled and well connected with the university.

When I first visited the Berkeley campus in February 2022, I was captivated. As I strolled into the Haas courtyard, it instantaneously became my favorite place on campus. I vividly remember planting myself on a chair and simply observing the goings-on around me: happy-looking undergraduate and MBA students walking to class, professors enjoying conversations with students, and various groups networking. It truly felt like a breath of fresh air, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Exploring the buildings, I was immediately struck by the expansive study rooms, classrooms, and the spacious libraries. Everything felt so open and welcoming of collaboration, a feeling that cannot be found anywhere else on campus. I knew I wanted to study here.

I still feel the same way about Haas. But in my time here thus far, I have truly come to realize and appreciate just how cutting-edge Haas is. World-famous guest speakers, intellectual students, and professors who have worked at leading companies – they are all so accessible. It’s through taking advantage of these opportunities and signing up for events (like talks and conference-style events) that I have grown and am still growing to understand the importance of Business Administration, especially in relation to technology.

In terms of academics relating to Business, UGBA 10 (Introduction to Business) has taught me the core concepts involving businesses: Leadership, Operations and Sustainability, Marketing, and Accounting and Finance. This has been enjoyable, and I am excited to take upper division courses, especially those focused on Leadership and Managing Technologies. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to be taught by professors who have themselves led companies at C-level positions or who have their own successful startups. In terms of the M.E.T. program, I have found that it truly enables me to delve into the intersection of Technology and Business, sincerely understanding how technologies can be created, managed, and continuously innovated. This I have found hugely intellectually stimulating, and I believe that it has provided extremely valuable learnings on something so relevant which impacts all our lives. For example, how best to create and innovate products, or how to maintain a position as the leader in a particular market. I am keen to explore this interdisciplinary field of Technology and Business further.

If I could describe my experience at Berkeley Haas this far in one word, I would say: riveting. Over the rest of my time at Haas, I am excited to involve myself with more organizations and clubs. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing blogs and interviewing Haas students as I can make meaningful conversation and share the lessons and learnings with the wider Haas community. To students considering Haas or Berkeley, definitely go for it; the location, connections, and learnings available are unparalleled!

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