Written by Mira Celly.

Hey Haasies!

Phase 1 for Fall 2019 is around the corner (crazy, I know). Congratulations to the new conditionally admitted students and transfer students. Picking classes for next semester can be tough, especially if you are new to the campus and the program. I wouldn’t recommend loading up on too many core classes your first semester at Berkeley Haas, so here are some recommendations for cool classes that can satisfy for your upper division business elective requirement. Check out the list below!

UGBA 175: Legal Aspects of Management

This class is taught by the iconic and revered Alan Ross. UGBA 175 tackles big ideas like contract law, business association, and the impact of law on economic enterprise. If you are interested in going to law school post-undergrad, this is a great class to learn more about the intersections between business and law.


UGBA 133: Investments

For those interested in investment banking or otherwise, this course covers sources of and demand for investment capital, operations of security markets, determination of investment policy, and procedures for analysis of securities. It’s a great class to take after UGBA 103 because you can apply the foundation you learn from basic finance to actual case studies.

*Prerequisites: 103

UGBA 151: Management of Human Resources

This course  further investigates rewards systems, assessment, and manpower development. It also looks into the interaction of selection, training, and career ladders in an organization as well has how to introduce change. The professor, Cristina Banks, also has a ton of experience and connections in Human Resources. It’s one of the few electives offered in human resources, so it’s a great course if you are thinking about a career in it.


UGBA 152: Negotiations

Negotiations is a really important, and one of the most practical skills to learn. Negotiations are everywhere. This class helps prepare students for real-life situations like negotiating a salary, bonus or contract.  Both simulations and cases are used in this class to simulate situations you would face either on the job or in life.

*Prerequisites: 105

UGBA 162A: Product Branding and Branded Entertainment

Krystal Thomas teaches this course, and has extensive knowledge about the entertainment industry. This course explores how to leverage entertainment to connect with niche markets by educating students on how marketers can develop novel ways to create brand campaigns.. Also, you have the opportunity to gain hands on experience because the course culminates in a creative pitch to industry executives.

*Prerequisites: 106


UGBA 164: Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is a lot of work and the Professor expects a lot, but it’s definitely worth it if you are passionate about marketing or strategy. This course focuses on dealing with competition by exploring market size estimation, competitor identification and analysis, risk identification, and sensitivity analysis. You learn a lot about companies, their problems and how to solve them. This class is heavily reliant on teams, so make sure you know there are people you can work with in the class.

UGBA: The 190s

Berkeley Haas offers an amazingly wide range of courses with special topic emphasis on entrepreneurship, non profits, strategic philanthropy, innovation/design, and personal development. For example, UGBA 192T-1, the Business Case for Investing in Women, taught by Kellie McElhaney, focuses on the business opportunities and solutions that women represent and on how business can continue to be a force for positive change. Check out the Haas Fall 2019 Course Catalogue for more information on which topics will be covered this fall!

No matter what you’re interested in, Berkeley Haas offers unique courses that align with a wide range of interests and career paths. The majority of professors that teach these elective courses have amazing industry experience to share with us. Many of them are either only offered in the Fall or Spring, so make sure you plan out your schedule so you don’t miss out!

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