Written by Annie Wang.

How do you feel as a senior at Haas?

This year, I got my motorcycle license. In college, I have always been very dedicated to my academics and career. Between UFA|UMCG, BAP, and Phoenix, I found a lot of really great friends and mentors and learned a lot about various industry paths. I focused a lot on professional aspects, but I’ve always been too risk-averse, playing within my comfort zone. But after this past summer, I realized once you start working, it’s harder to have free time and have a life because job duties take precedent. I realized that adults are not that different from kids, and all the problems I thought that would go away when I grew up, didn’t. Senior year is my last year to really enjoy myself and go outside my safety nets. So finally, I have decided to take a risk. I am literally risking my life on a motorcycle and riding away from my problems. Half kidding, but I’m starting to realize there’s so much more to college, and I’m ready to explore!

What is the happiest moment you’ve had at Berkeley / Haas?

I’ve found that the happiest moments occur during the weirdest times.I’ve always had these really funny moments that help me forget the impending midterms and relieve the stress.. During dead week last year, I was studying with a friend, and her washing machine and dryer broke. It didn’t wring out any of her clothes, and they all came out sopping wet. I’m talking about thick sweaters, fleece jackets, and bath towels. We stood over this tiny drain trying to hand wring out her clothes for an hour, and there was probably enough water flooding the floor, thanks to a clogged drain, to have ended the drought. We were laughing the entire time and half-guilty for having wasted an hour, but it was definitely one of the most “college” experiences I’ve had at Berkeley.

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