Written by Annie Wang.

What is your Berkeley Haas story?

I came into Berkeley as pre-law, pursuing public policy and econ – unfamiliar with the Haas undergrad program. Interested in learning more about what exactly consulting was when I heard about it, I joined Berkeley Business Society (BBS) by complete chance my first semester, and found a strong community that provided me with not only the business knowledge I was seeking out, but also the opportunity to be friends with and mentored by people who are very different from me, and I loved that. It gave me the opportunity to talk to people with many different backgrounds and interest than me. A big part of that learning process and exposure to diverse perspectives during my time at Cal also came from my work with the Berkeley Forum. At Berkeley Haas in general, I’m not always in my comfort zone but I know that at least I am in a comfortable place. 5 years out of college I can see myself getting involved with the micro-financing scene in South Asian and North African countries. I think that sustainable entrepreneurship is a product of individual empowerment and while I can’t claim to know much about it right now, I want to try my hardest to find out!

Tell me something interesting about you that not many people know!

Concerts, Captions, and Chai! During my free time, I love listening to new music, going to concerts and catching up with friends in cute coffee shops. I have a love-hate relationship with captions and wordplay, so even though I get a lot of flack for it, I love coming up with quirky and funny captions for my friends’ Instagram pictures. I guess it’s a kind of productive procrastination during midterms. So now you know who to come to when you change your profile picture and are in need of a good-ish caption! I’m also super passionate about chai and coffee. I seek out chai bars wherever I go and have had chai tea in Egypt, India, New York, SF, but none of them compare to my dad’s homemade chai. Growing up, my dad and I would brew chai together every morning. It is our own little ritual.

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