Written by Annie Wang.

What is your story?

I’m a Haas and history double major. I love history because I think it’s all about storytelling. My concentration in history is History of Science, Technology and Business. I look at business from a cultural standpoint and how it has impacted individuals. Being in Haas has given me a really interdisciplinary perspective because it has allowed me to understand how and why business decisions are made.

I came into Berkeley thinking I would just be a history major. In my first two years, I figured out that I really care about impact. Business is one of the easiest ways to make an impact, which is what drew me to Haas. I enjoy taking classes here and being surrounded by diverse and like-minded . At Haas, I am learning how I can work towards making a greater impact. Haas does a really good job of immersing students in things like CSR and ethical business. The opportunities that we are given at Haas are a truly valuable platform for doing something big.

Something I care a lot about is sustainability. I grew up being a consumer. I want to move the meter on changing consumer habits. I hope to change the way we think about consumption and products. There are really easy, accessible ways to live more mindfully.

Who is one person you have a lot of respect for at Haas?

Professor McElhaney is someone I really look up too, especially because her work is so timely and relevant. A lot of her work engages with the intersections of women in the workplace and she is very strategy driven. We need to be finding and proposing solutions; even if it’s not going to get us 100% of the way there. We have to start from somewhere. Incremental change can be effective.

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