Adam Ng is a junior from Diamond Bar, CA studying Business Administration with double minors in Conservation and Resources as well as Data Science. On campus, Adam is involved with Net Impact Berkeley, Undergraduate Finance Association (UFA|UMCG), Alpha Kappa Psi, and the Regents and Chancellor’s Student Association, where he plans to integrate business strategy with environmental sustainability. Along with being an avid basketball and sports enthusiast as well as an outdoor adventurer, he can also often be found producing throwback song covers with his sister during quarantine. 

  1. What is your most powerful moment at Haas?
    I think one of my favorite experiences was actually doing a case competition there. It was at Chou Hall, and it was a Teach for America case competition. Especially given the fact that it was my freshman year, it was great to be able to solve a problem for the Oakland Unified School District with other students. It was definitely a great opportunity to be able to collaborate with peers and meet Haas faculty. I thought everyone was super nice, and being in that environment made me realize how I really belonged in this group of passionate people.
  2. What is your favorite part about Haas?
    I really resonate with the core value “Beyond Yourself” because every single person I meet at Haas has some sort of varied interest, whether that be related to business or some other aspect of business like sustainability, marketing, or operations. I think everyone has a unique story to tell, and being a part of a very engaging community has honestly been an amazing experience. I do think that everyone is very driven and knows what they are doing, and I really love surrounding myself with these types of people who are extremely motivated. This environment has really helped me figure out exactly what I want to get the most out of my career as well.
  3. What do you miss the most about Haas in a virtual setting, and what are your thoughts about Haas as a virtual experience?
    I definitely miss a lot of the clubs that I was a part of such as Net Impact Berkeley, which consults for the social sector, because we had meetings in Haas Library and Chou. I also reminisce on the times I spent at Cafe Think, as that was where I would usually study. All in all, I miss the free printing and the collaborative environment at Haas.
    Virtual Haas has been a good experience thus far, although I wish that it was in-person, especially in classes such as my Business Communications class, where you obviously want to be able to talk to people in-person. However, the professors have been very engaging thus far, and I am taking a variety of business classes where each professor has something unique to offer. Though the circumstances are unfortunate, I believe that Haas has been doing the most they can to make it as engaging as it is for students like myself, and I feel supported knowing that faculty and mentors are out there to help me out.
  4. Do you have any advice you have for people who want to apply to Haas?
    Main advice is to be extremely open-minded in whatever path you want to pursue. I think business is great, but there are so many facets of business, and I think Haas has so many cool classes that I have still yet to explore in terms of electives and professors, but also alumni who you can also reach out to. Make the most of your experiences, as you honestly get what you put into it. I think college is a very short time in your life at the end of the day, and looking back, I would have wanted to spend as much time with friends and make the most of my opportunities as an underclassmen to meet more people and gain mentorship connections as well.
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