Elianna Peng is a sophomore from Anaheim, California, studying mechanical engineering and business in the Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology Program (M.E.T.) at Haas. On campus, she is a member of Berkeley ABA and Enactus. Outside of her professional interests, she enjoys learning about film and psychology, playing sports, and visiting new eateries with friends. 

Why did you apply to the M.E.T. program? What made you decide to study mechanical engineering and business, rather than one of the two?

The M.E.T. program was a perfect combination of my two interests. I knew I wanted to be an engineer after gaining experience working as a technician in high school. However, while I enjoy engineering, I couldn’t imagine myself working in the workshop everyday without interacting with others. With M.E.T., I am able to combine both of my skill sets, gaining technical skills with my engineering major and a more holistic understanding of the world with my business major. 

What is your favorite class at Haas?

My favorite Haas class so far has been UGBA 106 (Marketing). With my interest in psychology, marketing fascinates me. In the class, we worked through numerous marketing profiles, and in one instance, I remember learning about the way Volkswagen marketed the Beetle as “The People’s Car.” It is interesting to see how successful this marketing tactic has been, since even my parents still have a strong association of the Beetle with its nickname.      

What advice would you give your past self?

I would tell myself not to become too stressed out or focused on small things, even if they may seem insurmountable in the moment. When you look back in a few years, these small things won’t matter as much as you thought. Also, I would tell myself to enjoy and be present in every moment. Don’t focus so much on the future that you miss out on what’s in front of you.


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