Written by Vedika Dayal.

Have you faced any challenges since coming to Berkeley? How did you overcome them? 

I would say that my greatest challenge would probably be during the summertime, fearing isolation because I was in a wheelchair at the time since I took a bet I probably shouldn’t have, rolled down a steep hill and broke my leg. I was on a different floor from all my friends and it was difficult to get around. I was really scared of being isolated but all my friends were super nice and caring. I love them so much and I can’t express how happy they made me. They helped me with everything from skating me over to the lunchroom to almost tipping my wheelchair over while rolling me down the hills. 

What is your goal for these next four years?

My goal would be to expand my network connections to a global base because I really want to work in global consulting, hopefully in the management sector. For that, I would have to make a lot of connections which I can accomplish through the Haas alumni network… And Instagram… And TikTok. Just kidding! I also plan on studying abroad again, either in Asia or Europe because studying abroad has taught me so many differences between the UK and the US. For example, the UK is a lot more eco-friendly. A person cannot leave their car “idling” or not moving with the engine on. If a driver is caught doing this they must turn off their engine or be faced with a fine. This is just one of the many rules that help keep the UK’s pollution rates down. Information like this may be useful in marketing companies to the UK since it would allow me to target what’s important to the British, which for many is preserving the environment. Also, studying abroad and visiting other countries has been some of the most fun I’ve had and I can’t wait to relive it again somewhere else!


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