Written by Michael Xia.

What are you passionate about and why? 

Personally, I am very passionate about ice hockey–whether it’s playing or watching–as I’ve been doing that my whole life. Fortunately, Cal has a club ice hockey team and I’m still considering whether or not I want to pursue that. Career wise, being in the Global Management Program, I’m definitely passionate about international business, especially educational technology. In fact, in high school, I actually made an educational technology app and I want to end up pursuing that field to help people.

Why are you interested in education?

For me, I was always having trouble memorizing things, at least in middle school; like in Spanish memorizing what words meant what and in math memorizing formulas. I ended up using mnemonics and doing scientific research projects on how study terms put to a song is actually easier to memorize than Quizlet or just playing flashcards. That was really the catalyst to my interest in educational technology as I wanted to find ways–whether it’s through mnemonics or not–to help people with memorization or studying in general.

What are your plans when you get back to campus?

I’m definitely going try and join some entrepreneurship incubators when I get back to Berkeley, whether they revolve around educational technology or not. That would be my preferential thing to focus on. But anything under the startup umbrella is something I’m interested in, as well as meeting entrepreneurial professors and trying to coordinate with them, whether it’s through research or just through interpersonal relationships. 


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