Written by Vedika Dayal.

Madeleine Wong is a junior from South Pasadena, CA studying Business Administration and Environmental Economics and Policy. Madeleine is involved with the Association for Socially Responsible Business, the Haas Business School Association, and Epsilon Eta. Previously, she was also a director at the Student Environmental Resource Center. She loves being outdoors, ranging from going on hikes to being at the beach. 

  1. What led you to Haas?

I started in the College of Natural Resources, studying society and environment. I was learning a lot about big world problems but not a lot about tangible solutions. It opened my eyes to how intersectional the world is. While I knew I had this big picture of the world, I wanted to make sure I was learning things that could help me make an impact.

The winter break after my freshman fall semester, I went on a trip to Ecuador through the Regeneration Field Institute, where I got to build sustainable housing for people in Ecuador out of bamboo. I did manual labor, but I also learned about a social enterprise where the institute is helping farmers implement sustainable agricultural systems. It was a business model that was taking into consideration the farmers, the land, and profits. It got me thinking about business as a force and how I can apply this to other places, which is how I went from the College of Natural Resources to Haas. 

  1. What was your happiest memory at Haas?

Most recently, after coming back to Berkeley from being quarantined for so long, my roommates and I went to the Marina. It was so beautiful and a good way to relax after midterms. These kinds of outdoor activities make Berkeley so special to me; it helps relax my mind and give me a break from all the things that are going on in life. 

  1. Where have you found your place at Haas?

This summer, I met a girl named Erinn who’s really passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion at Haas. She’s leading the DEI committee in the Haas Business School Association. Hearing about her work, I saw these parallels between my passion for environmental justice and DEI. Now, I serve as the External Lead for HBSA’s DEI Committee, where I’ve met a lot of like-minded people who want to make structural change at Haas and in corporate America, which is really exciting.

  1. How have you explored your passions at Haas?

I’ve explored my passions through ASRB, the Association for Socially Responsible Business. ASRB helped me find people that are knowledgeable about business and sustainability and wanted to pass that on to other people. It’s been so exciting to watch so many people learn about corporate social responsibility and find ways to apply it to their own goals for the future. 

  1. What advice would you give yourself as a freshman?

There’s a club for everything in Berkeley. Find the one that matches your goals and values and plug into that community. It will be so much more valuable than trying to apply to a bunch of clubs that you think you have to be in. Focus on finding your people and where your values align with the club’s mission. 

By Vedika Dayal

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