What advice would you give yourself as a freshman or starting in Haas as a junior?

Take classes outside of your major and that you really enjoy for the pure pleasure of learning. I predominantly do take business classes, but I chose to minor is something I really care about. I think that having non-business classes in my schedule reminds me of why I like to learn and why I like being at school. There are some days where I am at my finance lecture and there are these numbers being thrown around, as opposed to my class on Indian epics where I get to sit and have story time; it makes my education a lot more well-rounded.

How do you fit into the community at Haas? 

Being part of HBSA has been a really incredible experience at Haas because not only am I able to meet a group of enthusiastic and motivated individuals who care about the community here, but who also are constantly seeking ways to improve it. There’s no real “fit” for a business major and student; there is no typical business major, and that’s what makes the community at Haas so strong. Even though we may not be interested in the same things, but hopefully I embody some of the passion that everyone else in this community has.


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