Written by Malu Kingsland.

Tony Shi is a junior Business Administration transfer student from Stockton, CA, planning to graduate in Spring 2022. He was raised in Vancouver, Canada, where he helped found and operate a supply chain distribution startup. Although he left high school early to run his company, he decided to return to academia and experience life as an undergraduate student. 

1. Why did you decide to return to school? 

I came back to find myself, to meet incredible people, and to discover uncharted territories. Having pursued such a different path in my early twenties, I wanted to return to explore what life has to offer and to gain new experiences. Furthermore, I’m excited to take my entrepreneurial journey to the next level.

2. How do you find Haas as a transfer student? Where are you finding your place within the community?

The Haas transfer community is incredibly close-knit, and everyone works hard to meet new people and establish friendships. From the Haas summer transfer program, PreCore, and onward, I found myself immersed in a supportive cohort of incredibly talented transfer students. I’ve met people from not only California, but across the globe. 

As for where I’m finding my place, I joined an on-campus club called Global Research and Consulting (GRC) as the VP of External Relations. At GRC, I reach out to NGOs and nonprofits across the world to help with their strategic expansion and research needs. I also joined EnvisionHaas, where I help expand the Haas community to potential Haas transfer applicants. In doing so, I help deliver education equity to all community college students, especially those who are discouraged from even applying to Haas.

3. What are your passions, and how do you explore them through Haas?

I am really looking forward to creating a positive social impact through innovation and technology. Through Haas, I’m always meeting new people. I love connecting with Haas and Berkeley alumni to learn about them, what they are doing, and what they’re accomplishing in their respectful fields. I’m inspired by what they do and the changes they are making in the world.

4. How’s the online environment at Haas? 

Of course, I wish it were in person, but I’m grateful that we aren’t rushing into anything. The online environment hasn’t gone without a few setbacks, but the Haas student community is extremely helpful. The transfer cohort specifically grew close, so having supportive friends who are all going through the same thing is reassuring.

5. Do you have any advice for transfer students, especially those who are returning to school after a few years?

My best advice is to not just consider Haas as an educational institution. Haas is a place where you are constantly challenged to innovate, think critically, and develop yourself. Haas is where you will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore different fields, studies, and concepts in business. It is a place where you develop the skills needed to become a better leader, motivator and innovator for tomorrow’s business world. Appreciate every moment of your time here, and don’t just get caught up in your studies or recruiting. You have two years to enjoy and challenge yourself. The time you spend here is what you make of it, so use it wisely.

By Malu Kingsland

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