Written by Annie Wang.

How would you describe the community at Haas?

When I was younger, my life consisted of constantly moving around and finding new communities and friend groups. I was born in China, moved to Wyoming in elementary school, then back to China, and finally to Kentucky where I attended high school. Growing up in so many different places allowed me to gain a variety of perspectives, but I also felt like an outsider at times because many of my peers had already known their friends since kindergarten. Coming to California, I was motivated to create a community of my own. I’ve definitely found that stability and community here at Berkeley Haas. Haas provides an intimate community within Berkeley where everybody kind of knows each other. Everyone is driven and ambitious, which has motivated me to always work harder as well. I’m grateful to have met some of my closest friends here.

What are you going to miss the most when you graduate?

I’m going to miss two things: flexibility in my schedule and the proximity to my friends. In college, it’s really easy to organize spontaneous hangouts with friends, whether going on a day trip or just grabbing lunch. It’s going to be much harder to coordinate schedules and organize hangouts once we graduate. Since I’m moving to the East Coast, I’m definitely going to miss all my friends in California. Oh and the weather – New York is brutal in the winter! With so much free time in my schedule this semester, I started cooking a lot. Shameless plug for HelloFresh! I have been trying out all of the recipes and learned that I can actually cook – turns out I don’t need to live off Trader Joe’s frozen food.

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