Written by Annie Wang.

What is your story?

I think lot of people really focus on getting their life on a certain path. Some people will have a 5 year plan or a 10 year plan, but I try to get the most out of what I’m doing today. I graduated high school 10 years ago, and I joined the Marine Corps out of high school. I got to travel the world, and I had a great time. But, I decided to go back to school once my 4 year contract was up. I started at a local city college in Solano County, did 2 years there and then transferred to Haas.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I came here because I’m from the Bay Area and I wanted to stay close to my roots, be a positive role model, and give back to the community. I have never been too stressed about grades or anything, because for me, Haas has been about the learning experience.

Things have worked out great so far, I think largely thanks to the fact that people really appreciate it when you’re honest with them and share your stories.

Enjoy what you have right now.

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