Written by Annie Wang.

As a Berkeley-Haas undergraduate, you are a great leader in the making. And great leaders pay it forward.

One of The Haas Business School’s pillars is Beyond Yourself. One way to go beyond yourself is giving back to the school that has given so much! Last year Haas students raised over $14,000 and this year we want to raise over $15,000. The Big Give is today and ends at 9PM! Here are some important things the money goes to.

International Case Competitions

Without the donations from The Big Give, it would be difficult for Haas students to participate in these opportunities. These donations have helped students travel to Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Denmark and Canada to compete on behalf of Haas. We love watching these talented students compete!

An extra opportunity for Big Give funds is the Haas travel program. UGBA 193i – are courses for business majors who will study a particular area, travel with faculty, and interact with alumni hosts while abroad.The Big Give can help expand this program and offset a lot of travel costs for undergrad students.


The Tom Tusher Scholarship is one of the provided scholarships that the Big Give sponsors, and it financially supports Haas students through their study abroad programs or general college expenses.

Career Conferences and Business Resources

From undergraduate free tutoring services to mock interview appointments, Haas provides an extensive variety of resources for Haas students to utilize. You may have went to one of their career conferences, or company talks. These are all made possible through donations of the Big Give, and fun fact, this initiative was started by a Haas Alum and now funded by the school! It also hosts career conferences and brings companies to speak to students. These services are there because of donations from the Big Give. Other notable resources that the Big Give sponsors include the $200 printing per semester, Haas backpacks, and water bottles that we all enjoy.


What is your big Berkeley moment?

My personal big Berkeley moment is actually all of the little moments put together. I have been grateful to have the opportunity to take classes in Chou Hall and be exposed to experienced faculty. Every group project and study session has been worth it because I had the opportunity to meet some amazing and ambitious students! Classes like UGBA 104, UGBA 103 have been all the more enjoyable because of the people at Haas. Berkeley is a tough environment to get used to. I had a huge culture shock when I first stepped onto the campus. But the Haas Business School has made everything worth it and it really turned my college experience around. I wouldn’t change it for the world!


Investing in ourselves, our peers, and the value of our degree is another part of what it means to go Beyond Yourself. It’s our legacy as future great leaders.. Because the opportunity for impact increases with the size of our gifts, Berkeley-Haas asks us to strive for leadership gifts that reflect our gratitude for advantages that are shaping us as students.

Donate to the big give today at biggive.berkeley.edu/haas

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