College can be tough to tackle at first. Although there are countless articles and individuals describing how to have a successful college experience, there are two pieces of advice I think are not emphasized enough. As a Sophomore in the Global Management Program, I have had the ability to re-examine my motives and daily habits over the last two years, and believe that I have gained an additional perspective on how to become a successful student, as well as a well-rounded individual.

My two pieces of advice are as follows:

Become a Morning Person

I know, the thought of waking up before 9 a.m can be daunting for most college students; yet, I cannot express the amount of positivity and productivity this small change has brought into my life. Often, I hear my peers express how there “isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done.” I agree with this statement, but waking up early has appeared to slowly fix that problem for me. At first, I began going on morning walks to clear my mind, as well as physically wake up. Yet, this routine slowly transformed into a morning filled with productivity in terms of my academics. When I’m woken up by my alarm at 7 a.m, I find that I am most focused and have the motivation to tackle my scholarly “To Do List.” I will admit, there are some days where I want to press snooze. However, I remind myself of how much I will benefit by sticking to my routine.

After constantly raving becoming a morning person, the individuals around me began the challenging process as well. I wasn’t surprised when I heard all the positive feedback of waking up earlier. My friends described the experience as “an increase of excitement to start the day, and be productive.” Being productive means something different to every individual. Perhaps, being productive is getting in an early morning workout, or having a consistent self care routine. Personally, my morning routine consists of me walking to Philz, and spending some time doing “work” that benefits me in the long run. Currently, I spend my mornings drinking a Philtered Soul and spending time working on non-academic activities. Yet, some mornings I walk to Philz and sit with my thoughts. Each morning is different, but regardless, becoming a morning person has transformed my mindset as well as how I live my life; and I can guarantee it has the same effects on others’.

Combine your Hobbies and Interests with your Major

Yes, this is probably a very obvious piece of advice. But, from experience, I have observed my peers focus on prestigious clubs that will boost their resume, rather than exploring options that have the ability to positively impact their personal well being as well. The thought of “being competitive” often distracts college students from their aspirations and interests. Yet, from personal experience, I have seen how combining my personal passions with Business has allowed me to receive opportunities that would have not otherwise been possible. In the 21st century, the concept of discovering ways to implement passions with “work” has become far more common; and in my opinion, valuable for recruiters and employers.

Recruiters and employers are attracted to individuals who are meticulous and passionate about their work. From experience, I truly believe that I have a heightened sense of dedication and work ethic for projects that I’m passionate about; and that is evident to others’ around me. Thus, I discovered how researching for internships and jobs that combine Business and my passions allow me to succeed during interviews, as well as while I complete tasks I have been assigned. As a Freshman at UC Berkeley, I believed that a resume boost was most important, however, as a Sophomore, I realize that my continuing my passions allow me to be perceived as a unique individual, as well as a candidate.

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