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As a community, Haas undergraduates have aggregated a significant amount of information and experience in the recruiting process across a multitude of industries. This article shares some advice for distinct parts of the recruitment process, from writing your resume and cover letters, to following up on an interview. A big thanks to BCEC, UFA | UMCG, and BWIB leaders for sharing their best advice!

Business Careers in Entertainment Club (BCEC) Tips from Melody Wan


Proofread! There should be absolutely no typos or formatting errors. If appropriate for your industry (marketing, entertainment), get creative with formatting- it can really make your resume stand out.

Cover Letter:

Honestly, cover letters will always be my kryptonite but they are important. I would suggest making a “Master” Cover Letter with certain skills or positions that you can edit as needed and use to apply to multiple positions.


I always go really early so that I don’t have to worry about being late or flustered. For case interviews, treasure when it’s your turn giving the case! That is honestly the best way to learn what a interviewer looks for and also pick up good habits and methods from others. The best questions you can ask are ones that you don’t have to prepare for beforehand but you are asking because you genuinely want to know the answer. For video interviews, use all the prep time that they give you before you have to start recording. Also, crank up your energy level so it will translate over video. Don’t forget to send a follow-up email. Always, always, ALWAYS send Thank You emails!

Networking Events:

Be respective of other attendees. Let them into the circle, don’t hog all the questions, and build off of other people’s questions. Recruiters notice and like that you can stand out without being off putting to others.

Come out to BCEC’s networking events to practice and meet cool professionals!

Berkeley Women in Business (BWIB) Tips from Sarah Stukan


Make sure there are absolutely no typos throughout the page and insert key words/action verbs based on the specific job position/responsibilities.

Cover Letter:

Try your best to insert a brief personal anecdote after your opening sentences to explain your interest for the specific role and/or industry. Really take advantage of the opportunity to elaborate on things you don’t have space for on your resume.

Pre Interview:

Use the last few hours before your interview to relax, at that point there’s no use in cramming anymore.

Asking more clarifying details about the types of projects involved or past projects, the interviewer’s background/how they got to the company, and the company culture are always safe bets.

Video Interviews

Prepare a document with 10-15 basic behavioral questions that you can review before any type of interview. Knowing the answers to those will prepare you for most questions. Also, try to predict any company/industry/position specific questions before you begin the recordings.

Networking Events:

Always start with a firm introduction and handshake, try to ask some interesting and relevant questions, resume drop and tell the recruiter about yourself, ask for follow up contact information (a business card, etc.).

Undergraduate Finance Association | Undergraduate Management Consulting Group (UFA | UMCG) from Ryan Jusuf

Cover Letter:

Really understand what the company does, and make sure you reflect your understanding of the company in your letter.

The Case Interview:

Practice with mentors or friends who have successfully entered the consulting industry and use their experiences to help you prepare. Take advantage of the opportunity to give the case during an interview; it is the best way to learn what an interview looks for.

Asking Your Interviewer Questions:

Ask clarifying questions about their story, then deep dive into one of them

Good luck this recruiting season!

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