Eric Hernandez, Class of 2026 and Sathya Panchu, Class of 2026

Eric shares his experience: “One blessing of studying abroad is the immense opportunity you get to discover new places. Everything is just a few hours away from London, so usually every weekend we would travel and immerse ourselves in different cultures. Two memorable trips that I will never forget are Paris and Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, [both of which are] in France, since I got to witness two lifestyles in one country—one of city life, and the other of pure nature. Reflecting back, GMP has provided me with a fantastic [experience], and [has] made me a better person along the way, as I’ve been able to meet new people and create long-lasting memories!”


Zayneb Bensalem, Class of 2026 and Aarushi Wadhwa, Class of 2026

Zayneb shares her experience: “Though it was difficult to navigate our way through a country that barely spoke English, we learned so much from it and it ended up being one of my favorite trips. We went on a scooter tour and [on] a boat [tour], which allowed us to [both] meet new people and make friends. This experience has been extremely eye opening and I love that GMP allows us to travel and learn about new cultures.”

Aarushi shares her experience: “Traveling to Croatia was definitely one of the highlights of my study abroad adventures! From spontaneously deciding to travel our very first weekend in Europe to planning out logistics to go to both Pula and Rovinj to navigating a country we originally knew little about resulted in life long memories and friendships not only with the GMP students I traveled with, but also with Croatian locals. One of my favorite memories from the trip was on our evening cruise where we witnessed one of the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen!”


Lisa Hao, Class of 2026

Lisa shares her experience: “GMP is the first study abroad program to broaden my international horizons. Using the resources that the program provided, it is very convenient to navigate the city. My friends and I often go on spontaneous trips to beautiful parks, museums, landmarks, or food markets after our class. On weekends, we can easily hop on a train or plane to travel around the UK and Europe. Academically, the professors are all very passionate and super easy to work with. Field trips to art galleries, museums, theaters, and cities around London are also incorporated in our curriculum which encourages curiosity and opens up new perspectives. Being able to live and study in London has allowed me to gain a sense of independence and appreciation about different cultures. GMP really provides me the opportunities to cultivate friendships and witness the incredible views. This is truly a highlight of my college life!”


Jazzy James, Class of 2026

jAZZY shares her experience: “As much as I love taking advantage of the opportunities to travel to numerous countries that are just a short flight away,” Jazzy adds, “I also try to make sure I am cherishing my time exploring the beautiful city of London. The area of [Soho’s] Carnaby Street is one of my favorite parts of town, full of independently owned boutiques and mainstream shops. As a fashion industry hopeful, I greatly value the ability my GMP study abroad experience gives me to be immersed in one of the most iconic fashion capitals of the world. This ultimately inspired me to enroll in a class at the London College of Fashion later this month.”


Dhruv Muralidhar, Class of 2024


Dhruv shares his experience: “From the fish markets of Venice and the hills of Bologna to the piazzas of Florence and busy streets of Milan, I am so grateful for the opportunity to [have seen] so many iconic sites. I love traveling with my friends, but flying solo allowed me to take things at my own pace and really immerse myself in the culture. While the food was amazing, my favorite part was—by far—the hikes I did in Bologna where I got to escape the tourist jams and embrace the natural beauty of the Italian countryside.


Maddie Hsu, Class of 2026


Maddie shares her experience: “Since this was our first trip, we weren’t sure what to expect, but we had an amazing time checking out historical buildings, sunny beaches, local snacks [such as pastel de nata], unique thrift shops, and great views. In addition to traveling around Europe with friends, I also got the opportunity to check out France and Spain with my dad, who came to visit me for two weeks. In Paris, we were able to try some new dishes [a few being escargot and beef tartare], explore the Louvre and fashion galleries [such as the Galerie Dior], and see historical monuments light up at night, [including the] Eiffel Tower and Arch de Triomphe. For one weekend, we decided to check out Valencia, Spain [which is the] birthplace of paellas!! [The final] picture was taken at Port Saplaya, which is a bit north of Valencia and [has been] dubbed ‘Little Venice’. Port Saplaya is known for rows of colorful houses that sit within the canals and a sandy beach across from the marina.”