Spring 2023 Haas Undergraduate Program Commencement

Participating in the Ceremony

The Haas School of Business holds a commencement ceremony at the end of each Spring semester. Undergraduate Business Majors who are completing degree requirements in Spring or Summer are expected to attend the Commencement ceremony in the year in which they graduate.

Majors who are completing degree requirements in Fall have the option of attending the ceremony the Spring semester before or after they graduate. Students do not need to let the Undergraduate Program Office know if they are planning on participating.


The Commencement ceremony will be held at the Hearst Greek Theatre on Tuesday, May 16, 2023 at 2pm.

Before the Ceremony

The gates to the Greek Theatre will open at 1pm for Families, Guests and Graduates. Families and Guests need to enter through the North Gate and Graduates through the South Gate. Families and Guests in wheelchairs and those that have difficulty with stairs should also enter through the South Gate.

Graduates should proceed to the backstage area to fill out a name card, specifying how they would like their name read. The graduates will be in single file when they leave the backstage area and should stand either in front of or behind the person they wish to sit with.

At 2pm the music will begin and the graduates will march out to the seating area.

The ceremony will proceed as listed in the program:

Commencement Address,

Acknowledgement of the Departmental Citation Winner,

Defining Life Principles Award Winners,

Student Speaker.

After the Student Speaker, each graduate will walk across the stage to have his or her name read by the Assistant Dean and Faculty, receive a scroll, and have a picture taken with the Dean before proceeding back to the seating area. The ceremony will last approximately one and a half hours.

Tickets for the Ceremony

More information coming soon.


As a security measure, there will be metal detectors at each entrance at the venue. It is recommended that all graduates and guests allow for extra time upon arrival for this extra step. Please review this list of prohibited items before visiting the Greek Theatre (.pdf).


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Cap and Gown Information


Commencement-related Merchandise

Rings and Announcements


Grad Images will be taking photographs of each graduate as they are given their scroll and as they are congratulated by the Dean. Please see their web site at https://www.gradimages.com/

Handicapped Parking and Seating

If your guest has a Handicapped Parking Placard (graduate or guest), you can purchase parking at the entrance to the Bowles Hall lot (adjacent to the south side of the Greek Theatre).  If you or your guest does not have a Handicapped Parking Placard, you can ask the attendant at the entrance to the Bowles Hall lot to let you in to drop off your guest(s).

Driving to and Parking at UC Berkeley for Commencement

Parking to Greek Theatre and Directions

Parking Information for Commencement Ceremonies 2022 (pdf)

Rain or Shine

The Commencement ceremony and reception will be held in the locations designated above rain or shine.

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Ordering Your Diploma and Final Transcript

Complete the “Career Destinations Survey”

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Live Stream of Ceremony

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