The most valuable part of a Haas degree is surprisingly not the degree at all, but the irreplaceable moments, experiences and opportunities to connect with other like-minded students and professionals that will endeavor to be catalysts in your career. Sharing the hallways with you during your tenure at Haas will be future business owners, entrepreneurs and change makers. At Haas, our goal is to admit and further cultivate leaders that embody and exemplify our Defining Leadership Principles: Question the Status Quo, Confidence Without Attitude, Students Always, & Beyond Yourself.

Elyse Weissberger

BS 18

Hometown: Canyon Country, California

“The most beautiful lesson I have learned at Haas is to always continue to improve. That is really what our Defining Leadership Principles are about for me: keep learning, know your strengths and admit your weaknesses, always question why things can’t be better, and then work to make them so.”

Asha Culhane-Husain

BS 18

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California

“As a student athlete, I’ve felt supported by the program office at Haas. I’ve also had the opportunity to study abroad and pursue my interests in both business and theater. My academic and personal development has reached a higher caliber because of the Haas Undergraduate Program.”

Austin Drake

BS 18

Hometown: San Jose, California

“Since starting at Haas, I have helped create a business incubator based in the Bay Area for black millennial entrepreneurs. Haas’ commitment to diversity has shown me that true diversity and inclusion can be achieved, but can only be realized once everyone from the top to bottom is involved.

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