Our students pursue a diverse range of impactful careers, encompassing the popular paths of accounting, banking, and consulting, as well as additional career routes in marketing, product management, entrepreneurship, and much more. Regardless of the career path pursued, our graduates consistently bring unique and valuable knowledge, technical skills, and insights to their jobs as they launch their professional careers.

The Career Center Employment Report provides a breakdown of some job functions pursued by Haas undergraduate students upon graduation.

In addition, the report highlights our emphasis on high quality career development, provided through our career counselors (profiles at bottom of the page). 2019 graduates attained positions with an average starting salary of $84,250 and 83% of graduates accepted a job offer within 3 months of graduation. Some students continued their education through pursuing graduate school programs.

Career Center Resources

To access Career Center resources, please visit: https://career.berkeley.edu/Business/Business.

The Career Center provides detailed information on specific business fields including accounting, consulting, finance, and more.

Handshake Student and Employer Portal

Appointments can be made on Handshake. In addition to providing career appointments, Handshake provides a powerful recruiting platform for students, increasing their access to employers, jobs, internships, events, and On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) opportunities. If you are an employer and wish to post a job, please also use Handshake for your job or internship.

Career Counselors

The Haas School of Business Undergraduate Program provides career advising services to students through two career counselors, David Woodward and Karen Lin. Our counselors offer their insights and experience regarding a flexible range of career questions, including but not limited to resume development, interview skills, job negotiations, and much more.

Karen Lin

Career Counselor
Haas School of Business

“I have been in the field of student development for 10+ years. As a previous consultant, I worked with investment bankers, management consultants and other high performing business professionals to explore their career advancement and helped them in the process of applying to top MBA programs in the U.S. Then I transferred my coaching skills to higher education and worked in academic advising, executive education, and eventually career development. At Cal, my goal is to empower Haas students to think beyond the first post-college job and pursue their long term career success.”

For more information, please visit: https://career.berkeley.edu/karen-lin.

David Woodward

Career Counselor
College of Letters & Science & Haas School of Business

“I view life as a voyage of discovery about myself and the universe around me and I encourage everyone to pursue their own journey of development too. I have a passion and aptitude for developing communicating power in my clients and students – executives, entrepreneurs or engineers, pitching for funding, chasing new business or seeking a new role. Outside work I enjoy hiking, preferably steep and high like Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua. Less extreme and more accessible hikes include Mount Diablo and Mission Peak.”

For more information, please visit https://career.berkeley.edu/david-woodward.

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